Current work

Working with Chapter 5 Studios alongside writer & director James Di Martino, Rhys and the team successfully completed filming the company's first major feature film production The Faceless Man, a full length horror & psychological film shot throughout varying locations within Victoria, Australia. Rhys took on the role of Director of Photography and Producer during Pre and Principle production, followed by official editor and digital colourist in Post-Production, for his first major involvement in creating a feature length film. After being successfully accepted at Melbourne’s Horror Film Festival Monsterfest 2019, it quickly sold out its 200 seated session. Its official public red carpet premiere takes place at The Classic Cinemas in Elsternwick on Halloween.

Synopsis: Three years after Emily has recovered from cancer, she struggles to adjust back to everyday life. Living in fear of redeveloping the fatal disease, a manifestation haunts her from the depths of her subconscious in the form of a faceless creature; her fear incarnate.Emily’s best friend Nina organizes a weekend endeavor with the guys to a holiday house secluded in an outback town as a way for Emily to loosen up and have some fun. What started as a casual party weekend soon turns into a series of unusual events. 

The group experience firsthand the unsettling and hostile nature the people of this rural town like to treat city folk with. Emily and her friends find themselves terrorized by the faceless creature stuck somewhere between reality and subconsciousness, while simultaneously being harassed by both the local law and deadly Russian mobsters trailing a specific package of stolen goods.

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Chapter 5 Studios

In mid 2017, Rhys met up with the head of Chapter 5 Studios James Di Martino, and his business partner Daniel Facciolo, about jumping on board their short film production for Congratulations as a camera assistant. Unexpectedly, this encounter resulted in Rhys becoming a close collaborator with James and his production company, eventually seeing him become Director of Photography at the company for their following two major short films The Immigration Game, written & directed by Daniel Facciolo, and James' own written & directed award winning bushranger thriller Five O'Clock.

Headspace Inc - Completed November 2016

An Online Official Selection at the Paris Lift-Off Film Festival, and nominee for the Top Indie Film Awards Best Original Idea and Best Student Film, Rhys' third year major short film production was written and directed by himself, and produced by him, Anastasia Koulokas and Mark Harris. It was the major assessment for the final year of his Bachelor degree with University of Canberra and Holmesglen.

Headspace Inc is a Neo-Noir Sci-Fi set in the near future. A disconnected private cyber-crime investigator decides to risk his life to retrieve the missing consciousness of a teenager trapped in the virtual world of a disillusioned old film director. 

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The film was also aired live on Melbourne's Channel 31 on the 25th of September of 2017, and in 2018 was officially selected to screen at the Gen Con Film Festival in Indianapolis, U.S.A.

Intentions Poster.jpg

The Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald - Completed August 2017

In 2016, while putting in the hours to get his graduate film completed and earn a Bachelor, Rhys was simultaneously the Producer on an independent short film titled The Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald: a dark existentialist comedy that follows two Australian hitmen on a routine 'clean up' job. Whilst in a meaningful conversation about the Great Gatsby, the two find themselves in a panic as their victim makes a run for it.

Written and Directed by Shaun and Jay Perry, it was sporadically shot over weekends throughout the year, with post production completed in August of 2017. It achieved a successful festival run, having made official selection at the likes of Australia's Academy Accredited Flickerfest in Sydney and St Kilda Film Festival in Melbourne, and winning varying awards at several well established festivals around the globe, including Best Director & Cinematography at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

Behind the 8 Ball - Completed November 2012

Throwback: the first short film Rhys ever made. Written, directed, and shot by him, and acted out solely by his mates. This was before any formal filmmaking education whatsoever. Rough and a little in-cohesive, they had great fun putting it together. Rhys entered it into Tropfest 2013 with the signature item that year being 'Balloon', hence the random balloons in the car. He wrote the idea with Tarantino-esque inspiration.

The story revolves around a deal of some sort gone wrong due to a certain character's interesting past work being revealed.